ellis heating & air is proud to offer commercial maintenance plans


What we do:

  1. Check crankcase heater for proper operation.
  2. Check compressor starter for damage or excessive arcing.
  3. Check for proper refrigerant charge.
  4. Inspect overflow drain pans for standing water and/or leaks.
  5. Blow out condensate drain lines to prevent leaks.
  6. Lubricate and check condenser fan motor for proper amperage..
  7. Inspect all electrical wiring and tightness of connections.
  8. Inspect starting and running capacitors for proper operations.
  9. Verify proper voltage and balance at compressor.
  10. Inspect Thermostat and tighten connections.
  11. Check blower motor for proper amperage.
  12. Lubricate blower motor (If Applicable) and inspect bearings.
  13. Check for flame roll-out and proper sequence.
  14. Check pilot and pilot safety on heater.
  15. Check insulation on all refrigeration piping.
  16. Inspect air ducting for proper flow/leakage.
  17. Check for air leaks through section panels.
  18. Inspect and tighten electrical connections.
  19. Inspect Evaporator coil for proper air flow and efficiency. (Visual and temperature splits)
  20. Inspect air filters for cleanliness and bypass air. (Protects indoor coils from dirt accumulation)

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